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'My goal is always to build a track that flows well, is fun to ride, safe but yet challenging for all type of riders and meets all UCI regulations'



Dr. Dirt, the Master of Mud, the Guru of Gravel - a man with many names. Tom is a true artist, using a CAT 257B as his paint brush, creating BMX tracks around the world to get kids on bikes and to create Champions!

Tom, a former pro-BMX’er who turned track builder over 25 years ago, is nowadays one of the most experienced BMX track builders in the world. For the last 15 years, Tom has been instrumental in developing the sport of BMX, pushing the boundaries, which created the BMX Supercross format. Working previously for the UCI (International Cycling Union) and EliteTrax, Tom has designed and built most UCI BMX Supercross World Cup and UCI BMX World Championship tracks since 2003 including the 2008 Olympic Games BMX track, 2012 Olympic Games BMX track and the 2016 Olympic Games BMX track in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. With his passion for building BMX tracks, building rat rods and designing tattoos, he started Tom Ritz Designs.

Tom with 2-time gold medalist during the construction of her own track in Medellin, Colombia

Tom with 2-time gold medalist during the construction of her own track in Medellin, Colombia

Tom Ritz getting some feedback from legend Mike Day

Tom Ritz getting some feedback from legend Mike Day


What was the first track you ever built? '1981 Norwalk Race Park in Norwalk Ohio'

What is your proudest moment in BMX as a track builder? 'Beijing, China. The first ever Olympic Games in 2008'

How many tattoos do you have? '21'

What kind of music do you listen to, while building BMX tracks? 'Depends on the work; country for moving dirt, Slipknot for tearing shit down, Punk rock to building jumps and old school rap for rhythm sections'

What is your favorite BMX track of all times? 'Toss up between the '98 NBL Christmas Classic or the Red Bull R.Evolution race in Berlin'

What is your favorite piece of track building equipment 'CAT Skidsteer or a good stiff rake'

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TRD can offer a complete solution of designing and building a BMX track from scratch. We have long-time experience of working together with local construction companies all over the world to deliver a world-class BMX track.

 Tom Ritz and crew understand the importance of having the track rideable all the time, not just when the weather is favorable. We choose material very carefully, designing the drainage that actually works and are the most experienced track builder when it comes to applying soil stabilizers (like Soiltac). 

TRD also has a unique and extensive worldwide liability insurance set to US$ 1,000,000.00. Our insurance portfolio is custom tailored on an International level in the design & construction of BMX tracks.

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The key to any sport development plan, is to carefully build and design a track that shall not only fulfill the requirements of a good track for the local BMX riders but also be able to host major events. TRD will take that in consideration and also offer a safe yet challenging track that will fully conform to UCI rules and regulations.

We can offer full sets of detailed plans that can easily be followed by construction companies without previous BMX experience.



We have years of experience working closely with local construction companies, who most likely is building their first BMX track. We offer hands on consultation, explaining every step of the process of building a state-of-the-art BMX track and facility. We've seen too many million dollar projects missing the fundamentals to make a great BMX track. Don't do the same mistake, contact us now! 


Since 2010, we have been building pump tracks and bike trails, especially designed and suitable for riders of all ages and abilities. A 'pump track' is a progressive bike course loop perfect for practicing balance, learning skills, improve confidence and build your fitness on a bike - in other words - for all ages and something that should be in every city or county park!

For more information, please visit the PumpTraxUSA website by click on the button below!


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Mitch Horne

Not only has Mitch been the track operator of the best looking track in USA – Okeeheelee BMX in West Palm Beach, FL, but he has pretty much rebuild all the tracks in Florida. What makes Mitch extraordinary is that he has been in the golf course construction business for 23 years with an extensive knowledge in drainage and landscaping. Watch out Jack Nicklaus, we’re about to make golf courses into BMX tracks.





Jason Schiefelbein

Jason started racing BMX in the 80's when BMX was at it's peak in the Midwest. He remembers seeing Stu Thomsen, at Stow BMX, 360 over 'Stow Mountain', renaming it 'Stu's Mountain'.  Jason got to race with legendary rider's like Todd Lyon's and Billy Au.. Jason took his previous experience from working with NBL and the Christmas Classic & NBL Grands over Tom Ritz Designs.


The Electric Pen

In addition to Tom Ritz love for BMX, rat rods and tattoos plays an important role.

Tom has teamed up with a number of artists and opened the The Electric Pen.

 The Electric Pen Art Gallery is located in the town square of Milan,Ohio next to The Wonder Bar.

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